Hello Friends. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was beyond amazing! Oh and did I mention that it was my first Thanksgiving EVER? Yes! I have been with Muffin a little bit over three years and for some reasons (Work. My always flying…) we never had a chance to spend and celebrate Thanksgiving together. Well as they say, there is always a first time for everything!

Thanksgiving is a massive celebration in the US. Shops are closing down, and people are spending hours in the kitchen preparing the biggest meal ever! This year Muffin and I got invited by our lovely friends Marta and Darek (You can read Marta’s blog here http://www.polishgirlinusa.com )

We were both beyond excited as it was my first Thanksgiving ever, first for us as a couple and also we were going to spend it with people that we are so grateful for. All guests were bringing some food, so this was also a little mission for me, as I do love cooking but then I don’t do it very often. So long story short, on Wednesday night Muffin and I packed our car and we took off to Santa Rosa. We got to Marta’s house around 6am and bless this girl, she was wide awake waiting for us with fresh coffee. I was so glad we got there so early as it gave me and Marta some extra time to catch up and run to the store to grab the last few things we needed to decorate the table.

Around 2pm all guests started to arrive and we poured some drinks. I will not lie, I was so proud of myself as I made a delicious punch and everyone loved it! The magic in the kitchen started and can I just say… Lord Jesus, Marta and I are two lucky girls! Our other halfs were running the kitchen like a well oiled machine! Seriously… these guys can cook! Few hours later we all sat down to a traditional meal of turkey, gravy, cranberries, green beans casserole, sweet potatoes, ham and all sorts of pies! The massive Turkey was like a rock star on the table!

But what is really Thanksgiving all about? So when the first Europeans arrived in America in 1620, they almost died of starvation. The Native Americans gave them food, taught them how to grow corn and how to hunt. I thought the whole story behind it is so inspiring, especially for me as (I don’t know if I told you this before) Muffin is a Native American and there is me… European girl. And believe it or not I feel like I am learning from him every day. Maybe not how to grow corn and hunt although Muffin is sooo capable of that, but other things.

We laughed like never. The boys watched football and ladies emptied a few more bottles of wine. Everyone was so grateful. The whole Thanksgiving weekend was exactly how I imagined. We were eating together, we were laughing together and we spend the whole time together. I am truly lucky and grateful to have such wonderful friends like Marta and Darek who made our first Thanksgiving so special.

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