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So last night I did a little questionnaire on my Instagram to find out what you would like to read about on here. Most of you answered that you would like to find out what photo editing apps I use for my pictures. I have been getting messages about the filters that I am using and presets. I guess opening a new website will be a great opportunity to share with you my secret to a nice looking feed on social media.


This is one of my favourite apps that I use to have those beautiful, edgy posts that you keep on seeing on my stories and profile. Unfold will help you to create artsy collages and it also has amazing templates. There is a certain feature that I use every now and then on my feed especially when I can’t make up my mind which photo I like best. 


Have you ever wondered how Instagrammers and bloggers make sure the pictures are kind of matching next to each other? Well, Planoly is your answer! What is it? It is a social media management application, made specially for Instagram. It helps manage the content and marketing and also you can see how your feed will look like before actually posting to your profile. Plus it will help you plan your posts ahead and keep on track! 


This app helped me to create my first ever MediaKit. You can download the app but personally I prefer desktop version. I use Canva to create graphics for my blog posts. Easy to use and very straight forward. 


This app is a game changer. It has so many options in setting but really all you need is an option called Magic Wand. It smoothes, brings up the colours, removes pimples and gives you nice but yet natural aesthetic! 


I don’t really post anything on IGTV (yet!) but when I used to post some videos on my
Instagram that is the app that I thought and still think is the best for video editing. You can easily crop, do basic transitions and music editing has never been easier. If you are into videos, this is your must have! 


This is my secret! This is my number one app and I’m gonna be honest, I can’t live without this app. It is powered by Adobe so you know it is simply the best and it has been designed for professional use. Ok, let me tell you a bit more and please read it before you download it and you will be like…eehhhmm what the hell is that?

Lightroom can be a little bit tricky at first, so I would highly recommend watching tutorials for beginners on YouTube. You can download a mobile version and desktop one. Unfortunately this app isn’t free if you gonna go for desktop version, but don’t worry… it is not expensive either. Now, the basics! In Lightroom the ‘filters’ are called presets. You can create one or a few yourself (Once again I would highly recommend YouTube tutorials) or you can purchase them. There are plenty of bloggers that are selling their presets. Some of them do it cheaper, some of them do it for big bucks. But hey, that is why I am here for! If you are on a budget or you simply don’t want to spend loads of money on presets, you can buy them on a website called Etsy.com 

All you have to do is to write in search bar what kind of presets you want eg: earthy presets, fashion blogger presets, outdoor cool airy presets, warm tones presets, vanilla cupcake presets, fall tones presets, pumpkin spice presets, holiday season presets, life is a beach presets… The list goes on and on!

Basically you name it and Etsy will have it. The prices are vary, starting from $1-$25. Some of the listings have more than one preset in a package within the same theme, which is great because for $6 you can buy a little bundle. You can pay by PayPal or bank card. As soon as you pay you can download them along with the instruction on how to use it.
I will not get into all the details on how to apply the presets onto the picture because believe me that is a separate blog posts! Once again if you download the app and get a preset then make sure you watch YouTube videos! It helps a lot! Currently I use a preset called Syska Style and I have created it myself and believe me it took me a really long time to get it right. Before you ask, no it is not available for sale (just yet). If you are a beginner… YouTube tutorial and Etsy.com is your place to start. 


This app is all about the sparkle. If you are a content creator or you are going to a sunny place for a well deserved break this is an app you want. If you want to add some extra shine or sparkle effect KiraKira is the way forward. It works great for pictures in the sun and jewellery pieces. 

I hope this blog post answers some of the questions on photo editing and I really hope you will find it useful. Happy editing!



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