Hi! How are we doing with this all virus madness? I know we are all getting bored at home and we are all getting a little bit sick and overwhelmed with reading about nothing but the virus. Well I decided to keep on posting as usual so my platform can be a place where you can get your mind off things. 

So…the warmer days are coming and I can’t wait, because it means…dresses! God knows I do love a good summer dress. As soon as the sun is out, you won’t see me wearing any jeans or trousers. I am just a dress type of girl, whether it’s maxi dress, bodycon dress, midi dress… You name it and I will wear it. On top of that as you all know I do love a good bargain! 

So for the past two weeks I have been visiting my favourite low budget store Ross Dress For Less to find the most adorable and flattering summer dresses. Finally I can say that my mission has been successfully accomplished. Have a look through all the outfits I found! Oh and the most important… every single outfit I found was under $15. Can’t get better than this right?


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