Ladies! Let’s talk about hair. I have been getting so many questions regarding hair care, so today is the day girl, I am about to spill some tea! If you ever highlighted or permed your hair aka exposed your strands to some major damage, then you need Olaplex! Before I will start bragging about this amazing treatment, let me clarify…NO! This post is not sponsored. I am simply sharing with you my secret to healthy hair. 

The best hair professionals in the world swear by Olaplex, because the treatment can work pure magic! So first let me explain to you what Olaplex is. Olaplex is a three step process that aims to repair and prevent hair damage. It works on a molecular level by restoring the hair’s broken bonds, which can result from strong chemical treatments. 

I heard about Olaplex from my hairdresser about three years ago. I am naturally blonde, but I feel like my natural tone is quite dull, so of course I get highlights. We are talking years and years of bleaching hair. My hairdresser told me about this amazing hair mask that will work it’s magic. Of course for a little bit extra I agree to try it out. Did I see any difference? NO. I had the mask on my hair for 10 minutes and that was it. Yes my hair was a little bit softer than usual but to be honest I did not see the “wow” effect. Yet every six – seven weeks I used to get Olaplex mask during my hair treatment, 

After I moved to California, I noticed that my hair went into a really bad condition. I thought it’s the stress, the change of climate and water, maybe hormones. As every woman I started panicking. I would wash my hair and it didn;t matter how much conditioner and serum I would use. My hair was really dry, frazzled and Lord Jesus tangles were extra! I did my research and spent a fortune on different products that did not work at all. It was such a waste of money. Finally I contacted my hairdresser and told her about my hair issue. Her answer was simple: OLAPLEX! 

Well in England it is so hard to buy Olaplex if you are not a professional. Here in the USA it is a different story. I went to Sephora and I have been nicely surprised that I can get more than just a hair mask. Sephora actually sells shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, bonding mask and serum. Get in! Of course I bought the whole treatment. Yes, it was a bit pricey but at this point, I didn’t care. I just didn’t want to lose my hair. 

After regular use, the difference I could see… I was absolutely amazed! From dry, braking, tangled hair my hair went to soft, shiny, bouncy and tangle free hair. I noticed less and less fallout on my hair brush. I was amazed how easily it was to brush my hair after a wash. I could not hide the proud smile when I went to the hairdresser to get my roots done and for once in my life I did not hear “your hair is so damaged” talk, but instead I heard “your hair looks healthy”

I have been using Olaplex regularly for almost six months and let me tell you… I do not plan on even trying something else, because I personally don’t think there is anything that good out there. So… girls, take notes! This treatment will change your life, especially if you are blonde! Here you have my whole hair care routine.

I start my routine with wetting my hair but I don’t wash it with any shampoo. Olaplex No 3 is a concentrated treatment that strengthens the hair from within, reducing breakage and improving its look and feel. I apply Olaplex No 3 on towel dry hair. The bottle says you have to keep it on for at least 10 minutes, but keep in mind the longer you keep it on the more effective it is. I normally apply it and I go enjoy a cup of coffee and an episode of Friends. I keep it on at least 30 minutes. Don’t let the small bottle fool you. A small amount of the product can cover a lot of hair. I use it every time I wash my hair.

You can buy it in Sephora, Walmart, Amazon and stores for the professionals. $28
Check with your hair salon as some places sell it too.

I rinse Olaplex No 3 and then I wash my hair with Olaplex No 4 which is the shampoo.Molecules in the No 4 clever formula work to repair and regenerate strands which have been damaged by things like chemicals and intense heat, while providing an intense moisture surge in the process. Key fact, don’t make the same mistake as me. Because I have long hair I applied a lot of shampoo and then it took forever to wash. Just apply the small amount at first as the shampoo is very lather, which is great because the bottle will last you a long time.

You can buy it in Sephora, Walmart, Amazon and stores for the professionals. $28
Check with your hair salon as some places sell it too.

Then after the shampoo I go in with the conditioner, which is Olaplex No 5. Conditioner is for all hair types and leaves hair easy to manage, shiny, and healthier with each use. A highly moisturising, reparative conditioner that protects and repairs damaged hair, split ends, and frizz by re-linking broken bonds. The conditioner is quite thick so you might want to keep the bottle upside down for easier squeeze.

You can buy it in Sephora, Walmart, Amazon and stores for the professionals. $28
Check with your hair salon as some places sell it too.

After I towel dry my hair and before I brush it, I apply quite generous amount of Olaplex No 6 which is the bonding mask. Bond Smoother Reparative Styling Creme. It is a leave-in reparative styling cream that eliminates frizz, hydrates, and protects all hair types. No 6 strengthens, hydrates, moisturises, and speeds up blow dry times while smoothing and eliminating frizz for up to 72 hours. At first I was worried that it might make my hair feel greasy but no, not at all.

You can buy it in Sephora, Walmart, Amazon and stores for the professionals. $28
Check with your hair salon as some places sell it too.

Right after I finish applying No 6, I apply a small amount of Olaplex No 7 and I focus on ends. I try not to apply too much on the roots. No 7 Bonding Oil Is here to give your hair lots of shine. Olaplex is calling this a “weightless reparative styling oil” to repair, strengthen, and hydrate all hair types, while providing heat protection up to 450°F. It also promises to increase shine, softness, and even color vibrancy. Then I blow dry my hair and style as desired. I love curls and waves, but even if leaving my hair straight, I apply a small amount of No 7 on dry hair especially on ends. I use it pretty much every day when I style my hair and once again it doesn’t make hair go greasy.

You can buy it in Sephora, Walmart, Amazon and stores for the professionals. $28
Check with your hair salon as some places sell it too.

The whole Olaplex treatment costs me at Sephora $140 plus tax. Even tough $140 might seem a lot, like I said before… don’t let the small bottle fool you. These products will last a long time. I wash my hair every four maybe five days and these bottles last me a long time (and I have long, thick hair) On top of that I promise you $140 will be worth every single penny. I am absolutely amazed with the results that I got after regular use of Olaplex.

FYI… Yes. It is safe for hair extensions. Olaplex can’t do any damage.


Syska 🙂

FYI 🙂 The head photo is just a bridal photoshoot for fun.

Ok! Let’s do this! Since Casey popped the big question I promised myself I will not be one of those brides that always brag about every single wedding planning detail on social media. But after some time I started receiving questions from friends and my lovely followers about how the wedding planning is going. As my big day is in exactly a month from now (I KNOW!!!) I finally decided to answer some of your questions and tell you how I planned my small, intimate wedding. 

I feel like first I need to tell you that I was never a fan of big weddings. I mean weddings are beautiful and I enjoy those events as a guest but I never wanted a big one for myself personally. When we finally sat down to plan, I knew that I wanted to keep it very small, intimate and kind of quiet. But then, how do you plan a wedding when you are in a long distance relationship? At the time I still lived in Manchester, UK and Casey in Los Angeles. I knew that as much as I love Manchester and I could get married there, it would be a lot of hustle because Casey has more siblings than I do. I just thought we can come up with something more convenient for our families too. Weddings in LA are a very expensive thing and also… we are not big fans of LA. Then we thought of Oklahoma. That’s where Casey is from, his family lives there and we both love the Oklahoma vibe! 

Next minute we were on the plane to Tulsa. I found a beautiful venue called Dream Point Ranch and I just knew this is it! It was green, the venue was so beautiful inside too and I could just see myself there. I could see myself walking down. I could see my two beautiful bridesmaids.I could see a beautiful cake made by my mum. I could hear the laughs of our closest family and friends while we’re having a buffet style nice dinner. And that’s where the wedding planning started to go downhill for me. Yuup, you read that right. 

We booked Dream Point Ranch for April 6th 2020. The owner of the venue was so lovely. She walked us round, gave us loads and loads of contacts to different vendors. Unfortunately the more questions I was being asked, the more overwhelming feeling I was getting. Once again…but how do you plan a wedding?! I felt co clueless. 

I listened to some of my more experienced friends. People have been telling me to plan one thing at the time. Flowers, cake etc. 

So I did. I started researching different vendors and I started sending emails, texts. I found contacting people really hard because of the time difference, being so far away, not being able just to pop to places to actually see and discuss things in person. Every time I made some sort of arrangements I would worry and stress, but how will that actually work on the day? Do I have to go pick it up myself? Will they deliver? How will I keep it fresh? At some point I started to worry that this little, intimate wedding I had in my head will look like an absolute unorganised disaster. 

I stopped enjoying it. I wanted to get married, but wedding planning was so overwhelming. And I couldn’t understand why. Was it because of the distance? Was it because of my lack of experience? I mean I never ever planned a wedding before! Was it because of small cultural differences? But then how do you plan a wedding in England? I haven’t been to that many weddings in Poland either. My head was just all over the place non stop. This awful feeling was giving me anxiety! 

One day I finally contacted the owner of the venue and she was so supportive. She calmed me down. She listened carefully to my concerns and she simply advised me to hire a coordinator. That even for a small wedding like ours, coordinator will be a massive help. I discussed it with Casey and we both agreed that it would help to have professional help and someone to manage our day for us, so we can fully focus on enjoying ourselves. 

Not long after that I hired Bethany. She told me to book all my vendors that I want and then she asked me how I imagined our wedding. She explained that she will start her work a month before our wedding and basically she will get all the details on vendors, my vision, plans and she will work out the logistics and then she will manage everything on the day. So that means she will make sure everything is in the right place and guests are where they are supposed to be. I felt relieved. It was so nice to get professional advice, to have someone directing me the right way. 

Unfortunately my relief feeling didn’t last long. The airline I worked for years collapsed and announced liquidation at the end of September 2019. I couldn’t think about the wedding. I had to think what my next step in life will be. What I will do for work, how this will impact my long distance relationship, do I stay in England and go for other airlines or do I pack my stuff and finally go be with Casey…  

Wedding planning has been placed on hold. We were still going ahead with 6th of April, it’s just at this moment and time I couldn’t think of what other vendors I need to book or what colour flowers I should pick. 

Even though good things have happened to me since the collapse of Thomas Cook such as Casey and I finally moving in together, yet I still didn’t enjoy the planning part. I picked my wedding dress back in the UK and it arrived in the UK. My Mum brought it with her when she came to visit us. I loved my dress but deep down I was upset that I didn’t get to try my dress in a bridal shop with my bridesmaids. I didn’t have the moment when you walk out of the fitting room and your bridal gang goes “Aww” I felt like because of how my life changed within a week, I don’t get to experience little things that come with a wedding dress. I was also worried about my bridesmaids as they also both worked for the airline. So we were in the same boat of facing a loss of the job. 

It took me awhile to swallow the collapse of Thomas Cook. Next minute it was the end of January and I still didn’t have a reverend or a wedding photographer. Then in early February it turned out we will need catering rather than having someone we know to cook. The anxiety and overwhelming feeling was back. On top of that I started to feel a little bit homesick. 

Thankfully, my coordinator was always there to give me a good word of advice and guidance. She made recommendations on all the other vendors that we were missing. Finally… We are here, a month before the wedding and my coordinator steps in. I was worried that she would think the whole thing looked so messy, unorganized. She finally called me to ask me more questions, get all the details she needs to wrap up all our plans and arrangements in one final piece. When she finally placed it all in timeline and explained how she planned it all for us, how she will manage the day, I finally felt relieved again. I could see it all working! I finally felt the excitement and butterflies. 

So here it was, my story about wedding planning. Even though I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, I feel like we had such a great support system. Owner of the Dream Point Ranch couldn’t be more helpful and so is Bethany – our coordinator. I may not have enjoyed the planning but I definitely learned a lot. I did pickup on don’ts and do’s while planning a wedding. I will for sure follow up this blog post with another one with tips on how to plan a small/elopement wedding. 

I can’t believe we will be getting married in a month! Did you enjoy planning your wedding? Check out the gallery below to see our venue inside and out and also some of the flowers we have ordered. What you think?

Wow! What a week it has been! As you know I was born in Poland and like in most Central European countries, Christmas in Poland is a much beloved event. While German tradition of decorating the tree have spread all over the world, Polish customs remain more distinctive. I was always a Christmas freak mostly because of my beautiful Mum. Even after we moved to England, she kept all Polish traditions and always made sure the house was full of good food, old traditions, laughter, family and pure magic.

Over the past five years I didn’t have a chance to always be at home at this time of the year. While I was working as a flight attendant I quite often had to sacrifice weekends, holidays, family reunions including Christmas. So when I arrived to America, I was beyond excited for Christmas, because I knew that finally I will have the whole Christmas off. The only thing that wasn’t making me happy was the fact that I won’t get to have my Mum and the rest of my family. It is a tough one… After talking to my lovely friends I decided it is time for me to step up and do what normally my Mum would. I decided to take my heritage, my home, my traditions and throw a full on Polish Christmas Eve.

Polish Christmas Eve take place on the 24th of December. To many Poles including myself it is one of the most significant and family-oriented date in the calendar. Poles have so many beautiful traditions and I am incredibly grateful that my mum thought me the importance of those, because unfortunately these days people don’t really pay attention to them or they just can’t be bothered anymore.

My personal favourite is sharing OPLATEK. Oplatek is an unleavened wafer made of flour and water embossed with religious image. Every person attending Christmas Eve dinner gets one and then shares pieces of it with everyone else. Thats when we exchange good words and wishes. This magical moment always gets me emotional as not only you get to share something with another person but also you get to stop for a hot second and tell that other person why you love them and what you wish for them…and let’s be honest, we quite often get so busy that we forget to do these things on a daily basis.

12 meals! Yes! You got that right! Our Christmas Eve dinner consists of 12 meals.One for each month of the year. Poles believe you should try a little bit of every dish to secure good luck throughout the upcoming new year.

Classic Polish Christmas dishes include pierogi (dumplings) with cabbage and mushrooms, poppyseed cake known as makowiec, uszka with borscht (different shape dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms with a beetroot soup) or different types of fishes.

If you are hosting a dinner for let’s say 10 people you gonna set the table for 11. Poles leave an empty place set at the table in a case a person down on luck will show up at the doors and ask for a shelter. If that happens, Poles welcome that person in their homes like another family member.

We celebrate the first star appears in the sky before sitting down to eat on 24th December. The tradition commemorates the Star of Betlehem, which according to the New Testament guided the Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ.

Thinking of my favourite traditions I invited our close friends over for Christmas. I spent two days in the kitchen, trying to create traditional Polish dishes with American products and I kept on bugging my Mum over the phone for tips and advice. Muffin and I had to make over 2 hour trip to Anaheim to Polish supermarket just to get Oplatek to share, and God knows LA traffic can give you a serious road rage. We had to buy new, bigger dinning table and I had to decorate and set up a guest bedroom in less than two days. But hey all this hard work was worth it! Once Muffin got home from work, Marta and Darek got to Lancaster all the way from Santa Rosa I could feel Christmas.

On 24th of December we got up in the morning, we had a light breakfast, we put on some Christmas tunes and carols and the magic started. Me and Marta were jumping around the kitchen, singing and preparing the dinner. The boys were wrapping final presents and they chilled watching sports. Later on in the afternoon another friend arrived to our house. Ewelina came with her husband Patrick and brought even more Christmas magic with them. She quickly jumped in with us in the kitchen and started filling the table with delicious food. Once the dinner was ready and the first star appeared in the sky, we shared oplatek and started to eat.

After the biggest dinner of the year, we popped some champagne and wines, we put out all the deserts and we opened our Christmas presents. I’m not going to lie during the evening I had to stop for a minute and I ended up just starring at Muffin and our friends having fun. I was so proud… First time in my life I hosted Christmas Eve dinner and I can honestly say it was magical and exactly the same way my Mum would do it. Most of all I am proud that even across the globe far away from homeland, I managed to keep our Polish traditions. You know what they say, you can take Polish girl out of Poland, but you can’t take Poland out of Polish girl’s heart.

And how was your Christmas?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all start preparing. We decorate Christmas trees, we decorate our houses, we plan time off work and dinner with family and friends. It is also the time of gifting and believe me Christmas presents shopping can be hard and stressful. Is it something that he needs? Is it something she will like? Is it something that my mum can use through out the year? We all want to find the perfect present that will come handy and make our loved ones happy. So this year I decided to give you a little bit of help. Take a look through my Gift Guides for this Christmas! Scroll down and find my LikeToKnowIt links under every picture that will give you all the links to every single gift listed. 🙂



Hello Friends. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was beyond amazing! Oh and did I mention that it was my first Thanksgiving EVER? Yes! I have been with Muffin a little bit over three years and for some reasons (Work. My always flying…) we never had a chance to spend and celebrate Thanksgiving together. Well as they say, there is always a first time for everything!

Thanksgiving is a massive celebration in the US. Shops are closing down, and people are spending hours in the kitchen preparing the biggest meal ever! This year Muffin and I got invited by our lovely friends Marta and Darek (You can read Marta’s blog here )

We were both beyond excited as it was my first Thanksgiving ever, first for us as a couple and also we were going to spend it with people that we are so grateful for. All guests were bringing some food, so this was also a little mission for me, as I do love cooking but then I don’t do it very often. So long story short, on Wednesday night Muffin and I packed our car and we took off to Santa Rosa. We got to Marta’s house around 6am and bless this girl, she was wide awake waiting for us with fresh coffee. I was so glad we got there so early as it gave me and Marta some extra time to catch up and run to the store to grab the last few things we needed to decorate the table.

Around 2pm all guests started to arrive and we poured some drinks. I will not lie, I was so proud of myself as I made a delicious punch and everyone loved it! The magic in the kitchen started and can I just say… Lord Jesus, Marta and I are two lucky girls! Our other halfs were running the kitchen like a well oiled machine! Seriously… these guys can cook! Few hours later we all sat down to a traditional meal of turkey, gravy, cranberries, green beans casserole, sweet potatoes, ham and all sorts of pies! The massive Turkey was like a rock star on the table!

But what is really Thanksgiving all about? So when the first Europeans arrived in America in 1620, they almost died of starvation. The Native Americans gave them food, taught them how to grow corn and how to hunt. I thought the whole story behind it is so inspiring, especially for me as (I don’t know if I told you this before) Muffin is a Native American and there is me… European girl. And believe it or not I feel like I am learning from him every day. Maybe not how to grow corn and hunt although Muffin is sooo capable of that, but other things.

We laughed like never. The boys watched football and ladies emptied a few more bottles of wine. Everyone was so grateful. The whole Thanksgiving weekend was exactly how I imagined. We were eating together, we were laughing together and we spend the whole time together. I am truly lucky and grateful to have such wonderful friends like Marta and Darek who made our first Thanksgiving so special.

Hey Girlfriend! How are you today? 
So last night I did a little questionnaire on my Instagram to find out what you would like to read about on here. Most of you answered that you would like to find out what photo editing apps I use for my pictures. I have been getting messages about the filters that I am using and presets. I guess opening a new website will be a great opportunity to share with you my secret to a nice looking feed on social media.


This is one of my favourite apps that I use to have those beautiful, edgy posts that you keep on seeing on my stories and profile. Unfold will help you to create artsy collages and it also has amazing templates. There is a certain feature that I use every now and then on my feed especially when I can’t make up my mind which photo I like best. 


Have you ever wondered how Instagrammers and bloggers make sure the pictures are kind of matching next to each other? Well, Planoly is your answer! What is it? It is a social media management application, made specially for Instagram. It helps manage the content and marketing and also you can see how your feed will look like before actually posting to your profile. Plus it will help you plan your posts ahead and keep on track! 


This app helped me to create my first ever MediaKit. You can download the app but personally I prefer desktop version. I use Canva to create graphics for my blog posts. Easy to use and very straight forward. 


This app is a game changer. It has so many options in setting but really all you need is an option called Magic Wand. It smoothes, brings up the colours, removes pimples and gives you nice but yet natural aesthetic! 


I don’t really post anything on IGTV (yet!) but when I used to post some videos on my
Instagram that is the app that I thought and still think is the best for video editing. You can easily crop, do basic transitions and music editing has never been easier. If you are into videos, this is your must have! 


This is my secret! This is my number one app and I’m gonna be honest, I can’t live without this app. It is powered by Adobe so you know it is simply the best and it has been designed for professional use. Ok, let me tell you a bit more and please read it before you download it and you will be like…eehhhmm what the hell is that?

Lightroom can be a little bit tricky at first, so I would highly recommend watching tutorials for beginners on YouTube. You can download a mobile version and desktop one. Unfortunately this app isn’t free if you gonna go for desktop version, but don’t worry… it is not expensive either. Now, the basics! In Lightroom the ‘filters’ are called presets. You can create one or a few yourself (Once again I would highly recommend YouTube tutorials) or you can purchase them. There are plenty of bloggers that are selling their presets. Some of them do it cheaper, some of them do it for big bucks. But hey, that is why I am here for! If you are on a budget or you simply don’t want to spend loads of money on presets, you can buy them on a website called 

All you have to do is to write in search bar what kind of presets you want eg: earthy presets, fashion blogger presets, outdoor cool airy presets, warm tones presets, vanilla cupcake presets, fall tones presets, pumpkin spice presets, holiday season presets, life is a beach presets… The list goes on and on!

Basically you name it and Etsy will have it. The prices are vary, starting from $1-$25. Some of the listings have more than one preset in a package within the same theme, which is great because for $6 you can buy a little bundle. You can pay by PayPal or bank card. As soon as you pay you can download them along with the instruction on how to use it.
I will not get into all the details on how to apply the presets onto the picture because believe me that is a separate blog posts! Once again if you download the app and get a preset then make sure you watch YouTube videos! It helps a lot! Currently I use a preset called Syska Style and I have created it myself and believe me it took me a really long time to get it right. Before you ask, no it is not available for sale (just yet). If you are a beginner… YouTube tutorial and is your place to start. 


This app is all about the sparkle. If you are a content creator or you are going to a sunny place for a well deserved break this is an app you want. If you want to add some extra shine or sparkle effect KiraKira is the way forward. It works great for pictures in the sun and jewellery pieces. 

I hope this blog post answers some of the questions on photo editing and I really hope you will find it useful. Happy editing!



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